Rendezvous Chicken and Rendezvous Sage

Hey Allen – we had one of the chickens that we picked up from your place on Saturday for Sunday’s dinner, and it was great. We used some of the left-over ‘Rendezvous Sage’ from Thanksgiving on the chicken which really enhanced the flavor. Thanks for letting John and Vera stop by to replenish our freezer with some of our Shenandoah Valley favorites. The family appreciates it. – P. Ruhlmann, MD

Prettiest, bright yellow, scrumtrulescent eggs

Breakfast feast of buttermilk biscuits, homemade jam, sawmill gravy, and scrambled eggs. A big shout-out to Rendezvous Farm for the prettiest, bright yellow, scrumtrulescent eggs we’ve had in a long time, and that’s is not just the fresh taste buds talking. We happened across the Rendezvous stand last week at a farmer’s market in The Plains. If you ever have the chance to pick up a dozen of these babies, don’t muck up the opportunity. YUM! – C. Carr, Fairfax, VA

Peep’s Perfection Hand Lotion

Lotion!!! I LOVE your lotion and buy it at The Plains Farmers Market. I would love to give it as teacher’s gift this year. How much for the large jar? And how much for the small jar? I can’t remember, and I would need about 15 jars. I prefer the pink scented one. Thanks!  – S. Griffin, The Plains, VA

Outstanding Ginormous Eggs

Hey Allen – the eggs we got from you this weekend at the Woodstock Farmers Market were outstanding! The ‘super jumbos’ were ginamorous, as promised. And the fresh sage gave quite a ‘pop’ to our dinner last night. Thanks!  P. Ruhlmann, Bethesda, MD.

Big Double Yolk Eggs

When I buy a dozen of your jumbo eggs I usually find a couple double-yolkers, but the last dozen I bought from Rendezvous Farm had six with double yolks.  That’s pretty good!  B Parker, Basye, VA

Professional Chef Knows Best

I have cooked the chickens from this farm. Some of the tastiest around! Keep up the good work!! #yummypigbbq #yummychicken.  J. Thompson, Ashburn, VA

Best Tasting Kettle Corn!

“I’m writing to tell you that was the best tasting kettle corn!  I live in Blacksburg and have our time share at Bryce Resort…I wished you would ship it US Mail because I’d buy some.  Thank you so much and next year I’m going to call you in advance and buy your food…