Rendezvous Farm has published its own cookbook with 70 recipes for all the meat and eggs we sell.  There are at least ten recipes for each of the following:  Chicken, Cornish Game Hens, Pastured Free-Range Eggs, Quail, Quail Eggs, Rabbit and Squab.  The book is very colorful and attractive, showing our rooster at the farm logo across front and back covers.  The cookbooks are only $8.99; that’s less than 13 cents per recipe!  Cookbooks are available at the farm or the farmer’s markets we work on weekends.  To order by mail send $8.99 plus $1.49 shipping and handling (total of $10.48) to Rendezvous Farm Cookbook, 539 Job Lane, Basye, VA 22810.  We’ll drop one in the mail to you right away.